design & build

design and axecution by a single team

The Design & Build Team bring together design, engineering, work planning and execution in one place. We put together the right team with the right specialists based on the client's requirements. Winters takes charge of the project and process management at its sole risk and responsibility.

client's wishes always come first

Once our specialists have clearly formulated the client's requirements together with them, we start searching for the right architect and consultants who can translate those requirements into a functional and inspiring architectural design. Next, we put together a project team including the most suitable construction partners.


contact us

Email or call our expert in Design & Build:

Ir. M.A.M. (Michiel) Stevens
Ir. M.A.M. (Michiel) Stevens
0031 6 51530688

excellent performance

Winters delivers top performance and is ready to meet the most complicated challenges. Our people are absolute team players who pay attention to every facet of the construction process. We have delivered outstanding projects by using the most modern techniques in terms of design (building information modelling (BIM)) and construction.



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