all-round expertise

We have been delivering new build and renovation projects within all market sectors since 1949. In recent decades, we have put our expertise and experience to use in construction projects in the business market, healthcare, the residential building sector, government, education, the industrial market and the cultural and leisure sector.

complex issues are our strength

Winters has proven itself the perfect partner for large, complex contracts with high expectations. The way we see it, a complex build is simply a project best designed and executed as a team. That is why we prefer to work together with clients, consultants and construction partners who share our passion and ambition and, just like us, adhere to the highest standards of process control and quality monitoring.


contact us

Email or call our expert in Construction:

Ing. A.K. (Arend) de Boer
Ing. A.K. (Arend) de Boer
0031 6 22794789

design of the execution process

The more efficient the execution, the bigger the time and cost savings. We achieve the best results when we are allowed to develop the execution process during the design and engineering phase. For example, we aim for prefabrication, just-in-time deliveries (JIT), measures to avoid weather delays and standardisation during the development of the execution process.


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