construction service

special team for service and maintenance

The Construction Service is responsible for the fast, efficient and accurate execution of standalone and integrated maintenance and small construction projects. The team works well together and differentiates itself by delivering quality at competitive prices. Most of its clients are in the business market, healthcare, government, education and private sectors.

maintaining your building in optimum condition at all times

The Construction Service is also in charge of ongoing maintenance on Winters' own construction projects. Under this arrangement, we guarantee that your property will remain in optimum condition for its full service life.

excellent services

The Construction Service team has been the regular construction partner for various clients in the area of service and maintenance for many years. This unique position is only possible thanks to excellent and reliable services. If required, our people are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

contact us

Email or call our expert in Construction Services:

P.J.A.L. (Philip) van den Brink
P.J.A.L. (Philip) van den Brink
0031 6 20544775

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