Our partnerships with our subcontractors and suppliers during the engineering and execution phases have grown and improved significantly since we introduced the principles of LEAN construction. We believe that the terms "construction specialists" and "construction partners" cover what our partnership represents much better than the more impersonal "subcontractors" and "suppliers". Together, we form a single team to ensure excellent performance, whilst showing respect for each other and believing in ourselves.




The selection procedure we use to choose our strategic partners covers a wide range of criteria and goes a lot further than just the lowest price. We have established at least twenty different criteria at both corporate and project level which we use to assess and select our construction specialists and partners. Specific know-how and experience based on execution and cost aspects are a matter of course. Extensive experience of proactive collaboration within a construction team from the design phase or the LEAN building process are of crucial importance. After all, LEAN construction requires teamwork at the highest level!


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